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  Product Catalog > small-power-Solar-Cell > FLEXIBLE-SOLAR--MODULE
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Type: 32B
Product Name:
Description: 1.For encapsulating the modules, we adopted UV solidified polymers, which have extreme lightweight and unparalleled flexibility, and guarantees exceptional durability. This kind of encapsulated polymers include EVA and fluorine-contained polymers ETFE (ETFE has high endurance and strong translucent ability). Stainless substrate for the back board guarantees the strength.
2.Unique design made it protable and flexible. The modules have exceptional durability and can be folded and reassembled, fully meeting the requirements of endurance, function and reliability.
3.Usually large frame flexible modules are used for PV power station bulit as arrays, which can be designed as diferent linking patterns to meet the load from 100W to several MW.
4.This module has extreme has extreme lightweight and exceptional flexibility. During the application of PV building integration, it can be used with many kinds of roof materials and it is the best choice for changing the roof into a power station.
5.portable PV modules, which are lightweight, aesthtic,durable, guarantee the requirements of power supplies for filed operation and traveling.

The larger framed panels are often used as building blocks in photovoltaic arrays, which can be assembled to meet virtually any load from less than 100 watts to multimegawatts.
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